How To Go Viral

Here’s a little video Micheal and I made that gives 6 simple steps to make your next video go viral.


The Happiness Machine

This week I decided to explore some campaigns that I thought used digital marketing exceptionally well. One particular campaign that gained my attention was the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine.

Being a University student myself I found it particular easy to relate to this video and the idea behind it.

But let’s look at this a little deeper.

Coca-Cola explained that they had three basic goals with this digital campaign:

–             To grow their activity on digital platforms

–             Engage with the target demographic

–             Send a message that would resonate with the target audience

By meeting these three goals Coke hoped they would be able to create a piece of media that would ‘Go Viral’!

Coke then began brainstorming. By looking at other successful and unsuccessful campaigns they came up with a formula that they believe would be successful for online videos.

The three common themes of effective ‘viral’ videos according to Coke are:

1.     People have to be able to relate to the content and want to share it

2.     The video has to provoke a reaction

3.     The brainstorming process has to be fun, light-hearted and uncontrolled

When these three factors are working together the target audience will be engaged and want to share the content. Therefore creating this viral effect.

Coke then settled on the idea of the Happiness Machine. The video was extremely successful and today, the original video, has over 5.6 million views.

I believe this video was so successful for Coke for a number of reasons:

–             It depicted an image of people sharing ‘happiness’ (consistent brand message)

–             It engaged with the target audience

–             It provoked a positive, light-hearted reaction

–             AND, It was easily shared

Millward Brown was also involved in the development of this video and the idea behind it. Millward Brown did some further research for Coca-Cola on the success of the video and found that it placed in:

the top 1% of all Coca-Cola advertising campaigns ever tested!

So what do you think?

Is there a formula for the perfect ‘Viral Video’ OR will a massive global brand, such as Coca-Cola, always generate large amounts of online traffic and views?

Have a look at the video for yourself and let me know, you would share it?