Beer that’s Hard to Find

This week I wanted to write about a digital campaign that was still being carried out and something you guys could engage and interact with in order to get a real response. After having a look around on a few different blogs and online magazines I stumbled upon a campaign going at the moment by a new beer company that launched earlier this year, Senador Volstead.

Earlier this year the new beer company, Senador Volstead, launched a digital campaign called ‘The Beer that is hard to find’.

This new company, in an extremely competitive beer industry has been able to break through and engage consumers by making their product harder to find than their competitors.

Yes, you might have recognised that name of the company Senador Volstead. He was the man that banned alcohol in the United States during the 1920s. During this era people used to hide their alcohol in creative places in order to not get caught with it. Hence the idea for this campaign was born.


Senador Volste’s campaign is to make their beer harder to find than competitors

This idea seems crazy, but in a digital world where information is shared so easily and so quickly it may not be such a bad idea at all.

Have a look the campaign below

And also check out their website:

Remember to change the window size or turn your phone on its side, if on a mobile, to see the ‘real’ website.

I believe this campaign has worked because it is:

  • Creative
  • Original
  • Engaging
  • Interactive

People discover this and want to share it with their friends. Everyone likes to be ‘in on the secret’ and that is exactly what this campaign does, it encourages sharing and engagement with their brand. I also think it creates intrigue and interest with the consumer which could certainly lead to sharing and purchases of the product.

I’m not too why, or how, but after viewing this campaign I want to try a Senador Volstead Craft Beer for myself!


So what do you think?

It is a good idea to launch a new product by making the product harder to buy and find than its competitors?

Do you find the campaign engaging or simply annoying?

Would you share this campaign and spread the word?

I think it can work in a number of scenarios and in this case I believe Senador Volstead beer will not become a market leader with this strategy, however it is a good, creative campaign to become a competitive, niche product in a highly competitive industry.

I believe this campaign could defiantly break through to its desired audience.


2 thoughts on “Beer that’s Hard to Find

  1. The beer market is definitely saturated and hard for newcomers to make an impression. So I think that in this day and age when boutique beers and micro breweries are so popular this is a very relevant approach. I’m not a beer drinker personally, but I think if I heard about this campaign as a beer consumer I would totally try and track this down!

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