Melbourne Leading the Way in Innovation

Melbourne is known as being an extremely creative, cultural and innovative city. So this week I decided to have a look at what was happening in my home city of Melbourne in terms of creative digital marketing campaigns.

Melbourne is a city with hidden gems, and unless you are familiar with the city finding the quirky and interesting areas can be quite challenging. Melbourne is famous for its little alley way coffee shops, hard to find clothing stores and brightly coloured graffiti in the back streets.

As people who are interested in Melbourne are usually interested in things that are a bit unusual!

With all this in mind Tourism Victoria decided to let the potential tourists have a personal tour of the city before they even arrive.

 Yes, that’s right tourists will be able to have a look at Melbourne before they even arrive!

How have they done this? By launching a brand new digital marketing campaign that is the first of its kind in the world.

The “Play Melbourne” Campaign was launched on the 9th of October and ran till the 13th of October.

Have a look at the “Play Melbourne” Remote Control Tourists campaign:

Tourism Victoria has been known for its innovative marketing campaigns over the years but for me this is their best one yet.

Basically consumers log onto the Remote Control Tourist website and then use Facebook or Twitter to send directions to the remote control tourist and ask them to move around Melbourne. The Remote Control Tourists and people who are wearing cameras and listening to the directions given by the online viewers. The views are therefore able to experience all the nooks and crannies they are interested in to get an idea of Melbourne. There are also suggestions on the website to help kick-start some ideas.


Helps young consumers see the ‘cool’ side of Melbourne that may not be in the tourism books.

This campaign is:

  • Simple
  • Engaging
  • Interactive
  • Creative
  • Innovative
  • Original
  • Accessed across a range of online social media platforms (easily shared)
  • Will generate more online content inculding videos that will be able to be viewed in the future
  • And most importantly targeted at the right segment

Everything that a good digital marketing campaign aims to achieve and therefore I think is one of the best uses of digital marketing I have seen.

Check out this article for some information on the “Play Melbourne” campaign

Please let me know what you think about this campaign

Is it going help draw more tourists in to Melbourne or is it simply a gimmick?


4 thoughts on “Melbourne Leading the Way in Innovation

    • Yeah, I also think that if someone was really that interested in a certain aspect of Melbourne it wouldn’t be hard to find some photos, reviews and footage of it online already. I think this simply made it a bit more engaging for the user, that’s about it.

  1. It’s definitely a cool idea, but I can’t help but feel like it’s a bit like a spoiler alert. After all, where’s the fun in discovering a city for the first time that you’ve already toured in video. If you didn’t have that much time though it would be good to get you up to speed with where you wanted to go. Interesting post 🙂

    • Thanks and yes I agree, most of the fun in being a tourist and visiting a new city for the first time is exploring it for yourself and trying to find these cool secret places.

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