Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is fast becoming the new way to target audiences anytime, anywhere. Most Australians have smart phones and use these phones for more than just making calls or sending texts. These days phones are used as personal computers that are taken everywhere. Used to access social media, look up websites, access apps and make many more connections to the online world. This makes it extremely attractive for brands to use mobile marketing to target Australian consumers who are demanding convenience.

Ross McDonald, head of retail at Google Australia and New Zealand, stated in 2011 that “shopping searches from mobile devices has increased 220% year-on-year” (see the rest of this article here). This shows that brands should be focusing on expanding their advertising beyond simply digital and more towards targeting mobile users.

To advertise on a mobile platform is different from just advertising on a normal website or social media page. Marketing efforts targeted to mobile devises need to be calibrated properly so when they are accessed via a mobile devise they can be seen and read easily.

A few simple tips for Australian businesses heading into the future would be to:

  • Think of putting more marketing effort into mobile marketing
  • Ensure your website is optimised for mobile access or restricted to mobile versions when accessed from a mobile device
  • Include only basic information that will be of importance to the customer, you have limited space on a mobile platform
  • Make what you are offering is clear and easy to understand, simple ideas can shine through
  • Include a mobile number, after all the customer are on a mobile device when viewing this

Australians are becoming more and more confident on mobile devices and are continuously demanding access to information immediately and at their own convenience.

So give it to them on their mobiles

By organising your mobile marketing efforts now you can avoid frustrating potential customers who cannot access your website from a mobile device in the future.

This is image shows what a difference optimsing a website for a mobile device can make.

Australians have busy lifestyles and are relying more and more on their mobile devices to perform day-to-day activities far beyond simply making phone calls. It is important for Australian businesses to keep up and even get ahead of this trend in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Look at what Tesco did in South Korea in order to capture consumers that were normally too busy to shop in their stores.

This goes beyond simple mobile marketing but it is where companies can go, and this has been extremely successful for Tesco. Convenience is the Key and Tesco got it exactly right for this consumer group!

More Australian brands need to get creative and take advantage of the fact their there is such a large audience of phone users who are seeking more convenient ways of doing everything from shopping to booking appointments.

What do you think?

Have you ever tried to access a website on your mobile only to discover it hasn’t been optimised for a mobile device?

Do you think this is a growing trend or should brands simply focus on their wider digital marketing campaign and put mobile marketing to the side for later?


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